Every day I walk through a golf course on my way to work. I leave the question of why an Air Force base needs a golf course to people with a higher tolerance for absurdity. The course is open to our Korean hosts, and they utilize the links tirelessly. Temperature and inclement weather do nothing to diminish the relentless resolve of these sportsmen; these are 365-day enthusiasts. The golf course’s custodians even keep the pond fountains running through the winter, giving them the appearance of sputtering white volcanoes as mountains of ice pile up around them. Off base, the terrain is peppered with driving ranges, and clothing stores overflow with preposterous pastels and other gaudy paraphernalia which typify celebrity-level golf. Women also display avid devotion the Western past time, though never without a humongous sun shield of some sort (again, regardless of weather or temperature). I take all this as a testament to the potency of Western affection, we are in a unique position of having notable influence on a foreign culture while being uncertain as to what direction we wish to move our own. Keeping this in mind, whether as a teacher, tourist, or military, Americans must exercise extreme tact and care as they interact with Korean culture.


One thought on “Koreans

  1. Indeed, the influence of the United States’ culture upon the rest of the world over the past fifity years has been problematic at best. Certainly we have exported a considerable amount and variety of cultural decadence, in many cases to our geo-political detriment. And so as we witness our nation “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” (as the recently deceased and distinguised jurist Robert H. Bork admonished in his book of the same title), we suffer the consequences of the deleterious effects of our social/moral decline as it infects the larger world. – JPL

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