The elusive Public Laundry Room Good Samaritan has struck again.  Many a time have I found my linens balled up in a soggy jumble on top of the lint can, the calling card of the Common Laundry Room Road Apple, but today my experience was far from the soaked heap of misery I’ve come to expect from 20 minutes of absence.  Like a total fool, I forgot to check my laundry on time.  The time that passes between when you should have checked your laundry and when you do check is the true witching hour.  Furthermore, it struck me that the dryer time I set was probably too brief, and I would likely find my clothes damp and insufficiently tumbled – the prime prey for any Laundry Room na’er-do-well. Anyhow, I reentered the room, brimming with anxiety, and what I witnessed there floored me.  Not only did my laundry remain untouched, it had been reset to a gentle, warm fluffery which compensated perfectly for my initial miscalculation!

In the method of all the fantastic PSA’s I am graced to listen to all day, I see this situation as a silence that needs to be broken.  That’s right, its time to break the silence on Laundry Room Good Samaritans.


These quiet heroes have lived in the shadows for far too long.  Anyone who has ever entered a laundry room nibbling nervously on their lip, only to find their full inventory stacked and folded by the next patron, should throw their full weight behind this movement.  I’m tired of finding my clothes wet, mildewed, or not finding them at all.  LRGS’s are the past, present, and future of civil excellence, and for that, I commend them.  I don’t know how this breaks the silence, but apparently the key is just to say that you’re doing it.  Or I could just do my chores like a responsible adult.


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