Black Books


This week brought an event so bone-shakingly, Steve-Jobs-In-a-Gravitron progressive that a run-of-the-mill Airman would write it off as an acid flashback.

The Base Exchange book store changed the label of their “Ethnic” section to “African American”.  That’s right, they’ve evolved from “not white” to “just black”.  Sensitive.  Of course, they could have just picked neither, but not having a section of racially exclusive literature might be seen as insensitive to… racists?

Spoiler alert: African American readers like good books whether or not they’re in some patronizing For U By U section, and maybe even from, you know, those shelves marked “Best Sellers” or “Top 10” or “Literature”.

But maybe, just maybe… the Exchange is trying to say that, as a culture, African Americans are such notoriously voracious readers that they eclipse all other people groups represented in the Armed Forces in their hunger for the written word so that having an entire section of texts all to themselves is merely a sensible tip o’ the hat.

Or maybe, just maybe, there’s a better path to unification than pandering to and patronizing assumed racial heritage.


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